Keith Eisenbrey: Preludes in Seattle, Part 4

8:00 PM; $5 - $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/checks only).

Seattle composer/pianist Keith Eisenbrey continues his tour through the Prelude cycles of Seattle composers Ken Benshoof, Greg Short, and Lockrem Johnson. In addition he will perform the entirety of his own cycle of 24 Preludes for Piano (2009 - 2011).

Eisenbrey brings to his pianism a composer's imaginative musical understanding, and to his composition a mysterious and majestical whimsy. Cerebral and sensuous, remorselessly speculative, his music seeks to illuminate those most intimate of our personal spaces: the silences across which, in which, and out from which music, thought, and utterance unfold. His oeuvres includes solo pieces for various keyboards, songs, and chamber works. He studied composition with Dell Wade, Ken Benshoof, John Rahn, and Benjamin Boretz, and piano with Victor Smiley, Joan Purswell, and Neal O'Doan. He is a charter member of The Barrytown Orchestra, an interactive music-making ensemble based in Barrytown, New York, and is a co-founder of Banned Rehearsal, an ongoing argument in creative musical expression, now in it’s 29th year. His critical and theoretical work has appeared in Perspectives of New Music, News of Music, and Open Space, and he assisted in the editing of Boretz’s Meta-Variations: Studies in the Foundations of Musical Thought for its republication.

Earshot: Phil Dadson & friends

7:30 PM; $12 general/$10 Earshot members & seniors/$6 students (advance tickets online, or at the door). Presented by Earshot Jazz Festival.

In terms of pure sound, I am attracted to intricate texture; the microscopic, the unexpected, the naturally rhythmic and the adventurous; to sound atmospheres and layered perspectives, to sounds that conjure mood and imagination, that convey ideas and express the human heart and soul.

New Zealand home-made-instrument innovator Phil Dadson performs with three inventive Seattle soundscapers: Bill Horist, Paul Kikuchi and Steve Barsotti.

Dadson is a sound installation artist, solo performer, experimental instrument maker and composer. He is the founder of the sound-performance group From Scratch (1974 - 2002), which developed an international reputation for an innovative sound and performance style that included sculptural, ritual and theatrical elements with large, custom-built plastic instruments and industrial and natural materials. He is co-author of the From Scratch Rhythm Workbook and Slap Tubes and Other Plosive Instruments, a DIY guide to building a variety of slap tube instruments.

Since 1990 he has received many major awards and commissions, including a Fulbright travel award to the U.S., and research, exhibition and performance grants to Canada, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hungary, Austria, UK, India and Argentina. A New Zealand Arts Foundation Laureate Award in 2001 led Dadson to further expand – in festival appearances, various new commissions; an Artist-to-Antarctica fellowship; and recently, a 2011 expedition of nine artists into the South Pacific, called the Kermadec Ocean Project, to produce works in support of a Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary.

Earshot: Evan Flory-Barnes, 2 + 2

7:30 PM; $14 general/$12 Earshot members & seniors/$7 students (advance tickets online, or at the door). Presented by Earshot Jazz Festival.

The featured artist of this year’s festival is one of Puget Sound’s most expansive creators. Here, bassist and composer Evan Flory-Barnes explores new musical possibilities with stellar Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame bassist Jeff Johnson and expressive pianist Dawn Clement, in one of Seattle’s greatest acoustic spaces.

[Download] PYL Younique Album Vol.1

Judul: PYL Younique Album Vol.1
Bahasa: Korea
Genre: Pop/ R&B/ HipHop
Artist: Various

Password: pelangimusic

01. Lookin' - BoA (feat. The Quiett) [download]
02. Maxstep - Younique Unit (Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Taemin, Henry, Kai, Luhan) [download]
03. My Lifestyle - Jessica (feat. Dok2) [download]


Special thanks to Jessture
By ex-maknae

Dan Peck

8:00 PM; $5 - $15 sliding scale suggested donation at the door (cash/check only)

New York-based tuba player Dan Peck makes a wide swing over to the Left Coast to join a crew of Seattle improvising stalwarts with Bill Horist (guitar), Eyvind Kang (viola), Lori Goldston (cello), Greg Campbell (percussion, French horn). This quintet is as likely to drift into whispered tones as metallic thrashing, and anywhere in between.

Earshot: Tatsuya Nakatani

Presented by Earshot Jazz Festival.

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan, currently based in Easton, PA. He uses drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls and much else to create organic, intense music. Tonight he plays solo and in a first-time duo improvisation with special guest violist Eyvind Kang.

Earshot: Ab Baars & Ig Henneman

Presented by Earshot Jazz Festival. Support provided by the Consulate General of The Netherlands.

Reeds man Ab Baars and violist Ig Henneman, both long-established members of the theatrically avant-garde New Dutch Swing pantheon, bring an unmistakable playfulness to their collaborations as a musical duo. The husband-and-wife team deliver lyrical, expressive pieces that animate memories of tiptoeing down a hallway, dancing outside or hiding beneath the bed. For all of its sharp dissonances and off-kilter rhythms, their sound is like a simple game of tag.

Percussion and Movement

Percussion by Dean Moore in collaboration with butoh artist Alan Sutherland and Acrobalance performers Jason Williams and Evelyn Bittner (aka Dr. Calamari & Acrophelia of Circus Contraption). With special guest percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani performing with butoh artist Vanessa Skantze.

OST May Queen

Judul: OST May Queen
Bahasa: Korea
Genre: Ballad
Artist: Various

Password: pelangimusic

Part 1
01. Goodbye to Romance - Sonya [download]

Part 2
01. 39.5 - Kan Jong Wook [download]
02. Tears Flow Haeju Theme - Choi Wan Hee [download]


By ex-maknae

Tempered Steel + Lube Fondue

The long-awaited CD release from Tempered Steel, featuring Ffej, Frank Junk, and Dennis Rea playing amplified, electronically processed thumb pianos. The trio's seamless improvisations conjure everything from phantom harpsichords and subaquatic percussion to as-yet-uninvented stringed instruments and vintage musique concrete. Opening are Lube Fondue, featuring Noisepoetnobody and Briana Jones.

OST East of Eden

Judul: OST East of Eden
Bahasa: Korea
Genre: Pop/ Ballad/ Instrumental
Artist: Various

01. Reverse of Fate - Kim Jong Wook (SG Wannabe) [download]
02. Crazy Woman - Kim Yeon Ji (SeeYa), Lee Hae Ri (Davichi), Lee Jung Min [download]
03. Confession - Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) [download]
04. Red Bean I - Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) [download]
05. Thirst - Kim Jong Wook [download]
06. Water Bottle - Davichi [download]
07. In A Storm - M To M [download]
08. Red Bean II - Lee Bo Ram (SeeYa) [download]
09. Little Love - M To M [download]
10. Remember - Kim Sung Tae (M To M) [download]
11. Father And New Silk-Covered Lantern (Inst.) [download]
12. Two Fork Routes (Inst.) [download]
13. East Sea (Inst.) [download]
14. Nights In Macao (Inst.) [download]
15. White Brassica Napus (Inst.) [download]
16. One Person Who Remembers (Inst.) [download]
17. The Seabed's Waste Land (Inst.) [download]
Full Album >>> [download]

01. Can You Hear Me - Lee Seung Chul [download]
02. Promise - KCM [download]
03. Hateful Love - Je Ah (Black Pearl) [download]
04. Time Mask (re-make) - Song Seung Hun [download]
05. Bad Love - Son Sung Hun [download]
06. Goodbye Love - Jo Young Soo [download]
07. Accident (Inst.) [download]
08. Reverse of Fate (Inst.) [download]
09. Siblings (Inst.) [download]
10. East of Eden (Inst.) [download]
11. Sad Mie (Inst.) [download]
12. Sword Room (Inst.) [download]
13. The House of True Blood (Inst.) [download]
14. Winter Morning (Inst.) [download]
Full Album >>> [download]


By ex-maknae